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Apple Maple Bourbon - Soy Wax Concrete Pillar Candle

Apple Maple Bourbon - Soy Wax Concrete Pillar Candle

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Soy Wax Concrete Pillar Candle

Celebrate the comforting essence of autumn with our Apple Maple Bourbon Candle. Thoughtfully crafted, this candle boasts a concrete base meticulously hand-crafted and filled with eco-friendly soy wax, ensuring a clean, eco-conscious burn. Immerse yourself in the alluring fusion of fragrant apple, rich maple, and smoky bourbon that perfectly captures the season's spirit. Its unique design guarantees that each candle is a one-of-a-kind work of art, adding a touch of distinctive style to any space. Illuminate your surroundings with the warm, inviting ambiance this elegantly unique Apple Maple Bourbon Candle provides, inviting the heart of autumn into your home. 

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the detailed construction of our candles. We take pride in using soy wax, a natural, renewable resource that ensures a long-lasting burn and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin wax candles. Ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, our Soy Wax Candles are perfect for those who cherish sophistication and sustainability.

Approximate size: 2 3/8" dia x 3 3/8" h.

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