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Apple Maple Bourbon - Soy Wax Concrete Pillar Candle

Apple Maple Bourbon - Soy Wax Concrete Pillar Candle

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Soy Wax Candle

Experience the epitome of autumnal charm with our hand-crafted concrete Apple Maple Bourbon pillar candle. Hand-poured from soy wax, this candle envelops your space with the rich and inviting scent of Apple Maple Bourbon, conjuring an atmosphere of cozy warmth and luxury. The concrete base, exuding an air of strength and craftsmanship, stands as a testament to meticulous artistry, while the fusion of rustic and refined elements makes it equally captivating to those with discerning tastes. As autumn approaches, let this beautiful candle, masterfully crafted and entirely unique, take center stage and welcome the season with style and distinction, appealing to all with its irresistible aroma and timeless elegance.

Hand-poured with the utmost care, our candles are crafted from high-quality soy wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn. Encased in a sleek, handcrafted concrete pillar, this candle blends seamlessly with any decor, offering a modern, minimalist aesthetic that is both striking and understated.

The enchanting fragrance of Apple Maple Bourbon is a sensory delight, evoking the cozy ambiance of fall. Top notes of crisp apple meld with a heart of warm, rich maple and a subtle undercurrent of aged bourbon, creating a welcoming and comforting atmosphere in your home. Perfect for chilly evenings or lazy weekends, this scent will wrap you in a blanket of warmth.

Approximate size: 4" dia x 4" h.

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